Frequently Asked Questions

– What is the Aftermath Event?
Aftermath is a unique experience for fans of the post-apocalyptic genre, which includes movies like the Mad Max films and games like the Fallout series. The event is a combination of convention, festival, and car show that is sure to be unlike anything you’ve experienced before! There will be live music, workshops on subjects ranging from survival to costume-building, a costume and vehicle contest, roleplaying, a market for bartering, and much more.

– Where is Aftermath?
Aftermath will be held in the ruins of the American Southeast, near Gadsden, Alabama, right outside of Birmingham.

– When is Aftermath?
The event is usually held around the second week of November each year.

– Is this a LARP? Do I need a character?
Nope! While roleplaying is encouraged, it’s not mandatory. You can come to the event for the music, the workshops, the contests, the cars, the people, or whatever else you’d like!

– Is this an all-ages event?
No, it is strictly 21+, but we may plan all-ages events in the future.

– Are guns or knives allowed?
Real functioning firearms and projectile weapons are not allowed at Aftermath but props guns and airsoft guns are allowed and will be checked at the gate. This restriction includes live ammunition. For the sake of immersion, we ask that any Nerf guns be painted and weathered accordingly.

Dull knives or swords are allowed at the discretion of the Aftermath event staff.

– Is there a costume or vehicle policy?
Because this is an immersion event, all costumes, props, and vehicles brought onto the event grounds will need to be shown to the Aftermath staff before entering the event. We want to encourage creativity and your own personal view of what you will look like in the aftermath of the apocalypse, but we want to make sure it doesn’t look like a costume you bought off the shelf. In short, weathering is the key.

There is also a separate parking area where non-themed vehicles and non-themed clothing are allowed. Basically, once you enter the main event area gate, you must be in theme (but not necessarily in character).

– What else is this website all about?
This website is not only the headquarters for the Aftermath event itself, but also a hub of information on all things post-apocalyptic. You can check out our resources for building your own post-apoc costume or vehicle for the event, as well as our interviews with prominent propmakers and car builders in the genre.