Aftermath is a unique experience in immersion events. Based in a “Mad Max” style post-apocalyptic world, Aftermath is meant to entertain and educate while staying open enough for you to create your own experience.

Features include live music, a post-apocalyptic and rat rod car show, classes and workshops, a market for bartering and trading post-apocalyptic goods, and much more.

Aftermath will be held from November 9th through the 13th, so you’ll need to bring your own camping gear, costumes, water, and other supplies you might bring on a normal camping trip. You can bring your own camp food but there will be a food vendor, also. Portable toilets will be stationed as well.

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Aftermath is a place that has always and will always be accepting of people from all backgrounds and walks of life, however one thing we will never be accepting of is hate.
Hate has no place in our community and will absolutely not be tolerated. We’ve always had a “No politics in the wastes” policy, but now we would like to take that a step further.
Absolutely no political iconography will be allowed at the event. If it comes from the real world, it doesn’t belong at Aftermath. You are all great and talented artists and creators, there is no reason to bring the real into our fictional apocalypse.
We strive to create a safe environment for all. We are inclusive group that promotes and values diversity. We welcome people from all races, identities, and sexualities and want them to feel comfortable participating in our event.

Please see our FAQ and Rules pages for more info.